Emo Side Project - Always lyrics
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Emo Side Project - Always lyrics

this town really sucks without you here and
im down with every second you are gone so
come back im not ready to be alone
my bed is so blank and empty without you
and I bet you really miss me too
why does everything have to be so hard

is it hot in here or is it just me!

always I am thinking about you
no way will I ever forget you
today I will sing a song about you
always I will always think about you now!

Whoa hey, another guy your talking to man
he's gay forget about him
cause he's not great
he's not good enough for you
this distance can't even
break our love apart
eff him he can't go whoa with a car
you're great you know what
two plus two is now

can someone please get this guy a towel

always I will want to hold you
so close and be the only one beside you
I hope you think the same about me
always this song will be for you and
don't forget, that I love you
today I will think of you
you and only you
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