Emo Side Project - Anatomy Of A Corner lyrics
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Emo Side Project - Anatomy Of A Corner lyrics

what have you got inside your head
what's that scent I smell in the air?
and I know not what's ahead so I just stare
and admire the darkness that drags me here

I know not what's been here
and I know that you were before me
what will I do when no one is left here?
stare into the headlights
so blankly and unprepared

I never felt this coming
I never even herd you breathe
you'll never find the answers
even though you looked for a century
and what will be the end
must slightly be the beginning
it's always so different
its never how you want it to be

so what's in this empty place
that occupies the place
where my tears are cried today
and maybe tomorrow what sits with me
is just an invisible ghost
of what will be

and this circular circumference
has no corners to fall into
and no walls to keep in
the secrets we held onto
like every time you ditched me
every time you called me a fool
cause I can't cast a shadow
if there is no light left in the room

as you sit in your corner tonight
you'll probably never
come out of your place
you hold so close to your heart
and you'll probably never leave
you so easily call it your home
you're all alone
I'm all alone with you
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