Emo Side Project - Black Secret lyrics
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Emo Side Project - Black Secret lyrics

that night when i said i loved you more than anything
but not a word came out of your mouth
an awkward silence arose from the heavens and tore us apart
i tried wishing upon a glowing star
but the star seemed to crash into the earth
and stop my heart and stop time itself

it seems the world just stopped spinning
threw me off its axis into space
to suffocate internally
and i hear every single persons voice in my head all at once
but yours is the loudest and the one that hurt the most
yet you said nothing at all it feels like my ears are about to shatter
from the insides and bleed out tears

with my eyes closed i stretched out my hands
and with my last breath i prayed to god
i asked him to just let me go it wasn't so much the suffering
it was how you shattered my heart
like a flowered vase dropped from the tallest skyscraper
but does it ever hit the ground

you watch me break apart
and you stand there laughing
but inside you must be hurting
you have to be
every day you watch me break apart
and you just stand there laughing
but i know you're hurting inside
you have to be

what if i fell into the sea
so softly and preciously
somehow i wasn't destroyed on impact
i couldn't face myself
i couldn't face the world without you here
you can't let go i can't let go
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