Emo Side Project - Eff The Police lyrics
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Emo Side Project - Eff The Police lyrics

Goddamn, I sighed slowly
As the Cops pulled up,
And started yelling at me.
Get down on the ground,
I heard one yell,Lets get these punks!
And Oh shit, Jim was drunk.
He told the cop, Get down on your knees.

We weren't doing nutin'
We weren't hurting nutin'
I didn't know what to say
I didn't know if it was cause Jim was gay.
But I was like eh, I guess, it was 'cause we're black. (yo)v
So the cop took my board,
I was like What the fuck man this is whack!
And Jim jumped on his back,
And road him like a Yak!
Yeehaww! Oh, I guess we're taking this way too far.
So I grabbed the board and ran,
And left the cop, naked, buried in the sand.

That's what he deserves!
Shoulda fed him to the birds!
Jim's singing Fuck the Police.
As three other Cops pulls up, at least.
and we both looked at each other at the same time and we were like, shhhit.

So they said Put your hands up!
Jim put his hands in my pants
And I, just started to dance.
So they charged and tackled us down.
Took us to the station,
Told us to stop masturbatin'
And they let us go, but I think it was because Jim has sex with one of the gaurds or something....
I'm not sure what happened, but yeah.

So we got away, but without our boards,
So now, me and Jim are really bored.
And we're really sad, so I wrote a song.
About how the police really suck and have small cocks.
And there's a duck on top of his head,
But it's not dead,
It's shaking like a revolution!

Oh, And I know i just totally ripped off the Blood Brothers.
But can the Blood Brothers do this shit!? I DONT THINK SO
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