Emo Side Project - Letters Between Lovers: Part 2 lyrics
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Emo Side Project - Letters Between Lovers: Part 2 lyrics

Dear Lover,
Every now and then, someone comes along.
Someone who changes your life completely
Someone who changes your perspective on what love is, and what life is.
And for me, that person was you.
I love how you say I love you so much, and you mean it everytime.
I love how I can hold you tight all night long when you sleep in my bed
and we both smile until our cheeks hurt.
I love your cute little voice, and when it breaks.
I love your smile, and those puppy dog eyes.
I love spending my every second of my day with you.
And I want to forever, and when i say forever i mean forever.
And I can't make you any better
cause perfection is always a step away from "ok"
I thought love was too good to be true,
but then slowly I open my eyes to you.
And I realized it isn't.

Dear Honey,
I love you.
and I never have to hold back my smile.
no, I never have to hold back my smile
i'd love to describe how i feel for you,
but the dictionary didn't have strong enough words
they say a picture is worth a thousand words...
but i'm not nearly good enough at drawing.
so you'll just have to trust me, you'll just have to beleve in me
when i say "you're the best that i'll ever have"
honey, you're the best that i'll ever have
and all the promises that i made you,
i'll never break. sweetie i'd never break them.
i'd never break your heart like those other stupid boys.
god, i love you so much
you're just way too perfect honey,
we're perfect together.
we're so perfect together.
and i just wanted to let you know
since you walked into my life
it's hasnt been better..
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