Emo Side Project - Songbirds lyrics
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Emo Side Project - Songbirds lyrics

the swingsets swinging and the songbirds singing
and i can't help but remember when we sat there together
with your legs rocking back and forth and toes scrunching up
my hand in your hand, you looked up and said
"baby, i love you like no one loves anything
and take me forever, just take me forever
and we'll be together, as long as i'm yours and i promise it'll all be alright"

i said "sweetie don't worry, i'm already yours nothing can come between us"
and the songbirds still singing so i started dancing
and you couldn't help but smile at me
the laughter and joy brought us together
the love for each other kept us together
and i walked you home, even though the weather was unsure of what it would be

when we arrived at your house you asked me to come in
and i was so damn nervous, i tried keeping my distance
trembling fingers, and when you moved up to kiss me
i think for a second it killed me
i gave you a flower completely in bloom
and you started dancing didn't stop till you were tired
and i couldn't help but smile and we laid on your bed
and we both feel asleep together.
the sunlight playing readily across your face
the swingset swinging and the songbirds, still singing
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