Emo Side Project - Whatever lyrics
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Emo Side Project - Whatever lyrics

Whatever ringtone on your mobile phone
Walking through the mall
Singing Hawthorne Heights ever time I saw
A silly scene kid, their silly scene friends
Standing around in their bands shirts.
But hey, gotta hand it to 'em
They get it krunk.

Now some sang back (Oh Oh)
Some called me whack (You're whack!)
So had a slight heart attack (Oh, I'm having a heart attack omg.)
Some called me a poser (You suck, die.)
Yeah, well fuck you loners (Oh, whatever.)
I Bet I gave you a boner (mmmmmmm.)
Bet you thought I thought I was hardcore,

Anyway, this song has nothing to do with that.
This songs about being alone.

She doesn't understand,
She's all I need; she's all I am.
She's on my mind constantly
She doesn't understand, what's come over me...
Lately she's the only thing keeping me breathing
She's my everything, always and forever; words to remember.
Keep mumbling on and on cause I can't seem to forget her
All alone, this ride home, keeps me warm since she's been gone
I've been so cold, I've been lonely.
I've been longing for her to hold me.

So tight
Hold on for dear life
Forget the knives
And the nights
When you cried
'Cause you missed me,
Well I missed you too.
Just know that I'm still thinkin' about you.

Your eyes and lullabies (still keep me up at night.)
Your short soft sweet sad goodbye (still keep me up at night.)
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