King's X - Lost In Germany lyrics
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King's X - Lost In Germany lyrics

Moving in a bus - too close for comfort.
Listening to all the gibberish around me.
Wonder, how much longer can I stand it?
Looking for a phone I cannot find.
Ohh woe is me. Like a politician in disguise,
you know I had to look you in the eyes and
smile, while I crawled another mile in
Germany. Lost in Germany

Swimming in an ocean of your feelings.
Counting every moment, go one by one.
Laughing to keep from crying out in anger.
Praying that I can make it through this night.
Ohh woe is me. It was like a never ending week,
but I learned to turn the other cheek and
smile, while I ran for one more mile in
Germany. Lost in Germany
Germany. Lost in Germany

Shooting at a target that eludes me.
Hammering on a nail that just won't go in.
Biting on a tongue that wants to speak out.
Searching for a light that I can shine.
Oh woe is me. But now I have crossed that
borderline, and I wonder if I'll ever find
your hand, 'cause I did not understand in
Germany. Lost in Germany.
Germany. Lost in Germany.
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