Kreator - Fatal Energy lyrics
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Kreator - Fatal Energy lyrics

Lies, I can't stand these
Lies anymore
These tells about
A better world
A better world for you and me
Hate, our hate is growing,
That's for sure
Future thoughts till us with rage
Uncertainty about our fate

Cry out in fear of the future
Cry out in fear of the unknown
Cry out in fear of our planet
That the human race calls
It's own


And the gods are watching
From lofty places
Indifferent to you and me
I wonder if their
Creations can handle
The violent forces
Of fatal energy

Violence, cruel violence,
In the minds of all
The killer instinct
Is still intact
It never leaves our minds alone
Greed, our greed will
Cause us to fall
Destroy the land of unborn sons
I hear them cry, I hear them call

Screaming in desperation
Screaming from hunger and pain
Scream for relife from this misery
Searching for someone to blame


Easy, it's so easy to control
Our fate
Turn the world into a bomb
That destiny will detonate
Tomorrow, tomorrow it will be to late
When the children cry
In the fear of death
A horrid death they can't escape

Crying tears of confusion
Crying for they don't understand
Crying because their young lives
Will be taken by their creator's

And the gods are watching
From lofty places
Indifferent to you and me
The test is through, the human race
Destroyed by the fatal energy
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