F.o.m. - Stay lyrics
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F.o.m. - Stay lyrics

Baby baby
What are you gonna do?
Come here, closer
I'll be the soul in you
Hey now, come down
I can live in you
So let me win your heart
Please make my dream come true
And I want you to have
I want you now to wear
The way I love you so
Why, I'm walking to you
I'm thinking of your smile
And your love is so wide
How do you see my love
In your eyes?
Live my dream
Does it sound to you?
Fell it, too
'cause I know that my love is you
Baby love
Love me now, come on
Live my dream
Turn it on
My pretty boy stay with me!
…stay with me!
Baby baby
You're making my heart move
Loving inside
Is it the greatest love?
Hey now, come down
I know what I want
This time be mine
You have the greatest soul
Why do you take my life
And always make me smile?
Oh, baby my love is high
Yes, I'm walking to you
And running from myself
I know I need your breath
I want you in my head,
In your eyes!
Hey! What a world you create in me man!
Hey! It's your love coming out from your hands!
…Stay with me!
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