Janet Jackson - Nasty lyrics
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Janet Jackson - Nasty lyrics

Gimme a beat!

Sittin' in the movie show

Thinkin' nasty thoughts

Better be a gentleman

Or you'll turn me off

That's right, lemme tell it


Nasty, nasty boys, don't mean a thing

Oh you nasty boys

Nasty, nasty boys, don't ever change

Oh you nasty boys

I don't like no nasty girl

I don't like nasty food

The only nasty thing I like

Is a nasty groove

Will this one do?

Uh huh, I know... say...

Repeat chorus

Nasty, nasty boys, gimme a nasty groove

Nasty, nasty boys, lemme see your nasty body move

I could learn to like this, listen up...

I'm not a prude, I just want some respect

So close the door if you want me to respond

Cause privacy is my middle name

My last name is control

No, my first name ain't baby,

It's janet... ms. jackson if you're nasty

Repeat chorus

Nasty boys don't mean a thing

Oh you nasty boys don't mean a thing to me

Nasty... don't mean a thing

Oh you nasty boys

(I like this part)

Hey! who's that thinkin' nasty thoughts? nasty boys!

Who's that in that nasty car? nasty boys!

Who's that eatin' that nasty fruit? nasty boys!

Who's jammin' to my nasty groove? nasty boys!

Ladies? nasty boys don't mean a thing

Oh you nasty boys
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