Nomeansno - One Fine Day lyrics
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Nomeansno - One Fine Day lyrics

One fine day
When I'm strong enough
It stand up out of this chair
And walk away
One fine day
If I live long enough

You憀l see the back of me as I'm
Walking away

I憀l go on and on and on
Across the Porch and over the lawn
And when 1 reach the street
See the dust fly off my feet

One fine day
I will settle up
Empty my account
And give it away
And on that day
Conversation will cease
The arguments and questions
Will fade away
I憀l go on and on and on
To the edge of town
I憀l keep my feet on the ground
But never again will I look down

I憀l be on my ...

Maybe I have no guts
Maybe I love you all too much
But I can't sleep I can't breath
It's tearing me up, it's tearing me up
It's tearing the heart out of me

One fine day
I憀l wake up to find
All my fears and heartaches
Have melted away
And on that day
All the mists will clear
The sun will shine
And nothing will stand in my way
I憀l go on and on and on
With nothing to weigh me down
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