Supertramp - Travelled lyrics
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Supertramp - Travelled lyrics

Travelled the world a million ways
Catching upon s familiar gaze
Everyone lives by do or die
There's no one with time to laugh or cry
There's no one to tell us what we're living for

And though I tried to be a good man
I just know that I'll be losing very soon
And there are times and there are motions
When I do believe I'm going out of tune, oh

Now I've been around a long, long while
Looking for sun to make me smile
But still multiply their daily bread
They're thinking there lies good times ahead
It must be a mighty funny way to feel

And though I try to be a good man
I keep finding out there's nowhere to begin
And so I think I'll go on singing
And in time I hope that we can all join in, oh
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