Pulley - Locked Away lyrics
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Pulley - Locked Away lyrics

i'm not angry I'm through being mad,
i'm done feeling sorry after you hurt me so bad:
Don't try thinking about me cause i'm already gone.
not saying that I'm right just telling you you're wrong.
Keeping to myself or am i really locked away?
a childhood of scars i bear that make me fell this way.
don't relate to people that don't relate to me.
paste the point of anger,
when will you take me seriously?
people used to laugh don't want to be like them
people who i trust and used to call my friends.
things are so much easier now your agony is gone.
sometimes you just don't know you are right
because someone else is wrong.
It's not a matter of foolish pride that won't let me forgive you.
it's the hatred that i feel inside for trusting you.
someday i'm gonna break away.
one day i'm gonna break away.
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