Pulley - Noddin' Off lyrics
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Pulley - Noddin' Off lyrics

apocalypse at my fingertips,
i can't distinguish what is real.
push the plunger in the warm rush begins.
i'm noddin' off at the wheel.
things haven't been the same since you said good-bye.
i've been doing things i thought i swore i'd never do,
just to stay alive.
if i had blinked, i would have never of met you.
could have lived my life content.
but now here i am fucked up again,
life can be silent torment.
i knew you'd never stay, right from the start.
that's what i get for diving in head first.
my life feels like it's falling apart.
i'm a loser, i'm a failure, i'm a fuck up to the core.
i've been falling down so much,
don't bother getting up anymore.
i can't explain the emptiness that i feel,
as i drive into oblivion, i'm noddin' off at the wheel
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