Rickie Lee Jones - Firewalker lyrics
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Rickie Lee Jones - Firewalker lyrics

Julie got some ecstasy, she laid down on the steering wheel
Love comes to the first thing love sees
Love comes to the first thing that makes it real, makes it real
Everybody's been hit, everybody's been hurt
Everybody's been kicked, everybody's been dirt
Everybody had to drive all night to reach L.A. in the morning light
Try to lighten up, want to back you up
But you just back down
Julie got some brown girlfriend, got it for a coin
Landlord threw her clothes out on the street in the tenderloin
Everybody's been a dog, everybody's had to beg everybody's been a moth,
Been a moth, when she woke up on her knees, everybody made her say please
I was in a wild place where I go, I couldn't hear you
Julie found gOd in a bus station and she liked it a lot
You put your money in the basket that comes, you remember the first one that you bought
Everybody starts out pure, starts out ridiculous, starts out beautiful nobody wants to be alone
Out here I'm all on my own
I try to lighten up, I always bear down, I want to back you up
Julie found a sailor boy, sailed off to the deep blue sea
So Firewalker you can walk on me, walk on me...
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