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Tru - There Dey Go lyrics

(Master P)-talking
Uh huh, little somethin somethin for my tru niggas in New Orleans, Tulsa,
Oklahoma, Richmond California, Detroit Michigan, Oakland, Frisco, Virginia,
Arkansas, Fresno, Kansas, Tennessee, Sacramento, Treeport, Omaha Nebraska,
Texas, Chicago, Louisville, Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama, D.C., Albakurcky,
Dallas, New Mexico, Atlanta Georgia, Mississippi, Cleveland, Seattle, St.
Louis, Denver Colorado, Pheinox Arizona, Indianapolis, Flordia, N. Carolina, S.

(Master P)
Tear the head off that bitch that try to stop me from gettin my premovers
(what) back from the gravy row it there go the tycle no limit cycle row with a
rifle coming tru messed like barks niggas that wanna talk but i get green and
kill niggas like the incredible hulk yall niggas fuckin with the best yall
never should of put my rhymes with KLC, Craig B., Mo B. Dick, swamp nigga gold
getter mista killa drug deala servin fiends dope fiends got candy cream 3rd
ward nigga sellin ice cream pushin, baller nigga mista New Orleans gone world
wide thats why them niggas callin hoes hatin niggas want to take me out for
lunch but bitch yall never break me like some fries cook got shit in your eye
work niggas like i'm down south servin french fries at burgar king nigga im
from New Orleans home of the body bag murder capitol New Orleans ugh.

Where dey at there dey go where dey at there dey go where dey at there dey go
whre dey at there dey go there dey go where dey at where dey at there dey go
there dey go

I hang with a bunch of killas and drug dealas on the reala tie my shoe then
fuckin comphensate some fool with fuckin killas about my scrilla grave digger
not fuckin grave fillers a bunch of made niggas i stay bigger i stay richer i
get more stops plus a bunch of change like the weather a 9 millimeter beretta
have you sewed up like a sweater more cheese then some cheddar get out my face
nigga you better come back with straps get all yall niggas so yall niggas best
be ready i was cocked when i smashed niggas i'm ush as tasfull i smashed then
came back had ass lookin like afros nigga umm tapped like the dance girls got
gaps like the band why dont yall clap while yall standing

Where dey at where dey at, there dey go there dey go, there dey go (6x)

(Master P)
Got niggas frozen like yogurt No Limit soldiers represent from the mid-west to
pepsi cola bout it rowdy thats why they talk about it in the paper they write
articles they never doubt a gangsta a killer with an adittude got more niggas
tied up like niggas tyin tennis shoes i got more money then a caulker i got
banks pick up trucks for me like i work em i'm comin through stumpin got my
concert jumpin gangsta shit thats what they bumpin break em off niggas hit em
with the soft watch i'll make em freeze shhh jump bitch jump nigga before i
leave bodies floatin up the missi river bitches comin through columbo when i
rap niggas know i'm spicey to gumbo Toni Braxton be singin i got niggas gang
bangin tattoed up on the set hangin talkin bout drivin them ride trough niggas
comin through with 6-4 sides tru down south to the west coast got 2 sides you
better realize hittin is when they die all i want is gangsta shit and bangsta
shit but when i roll watch for this Tru click.

Where dey at where dey at where dey at, there dey go there dey go there dey go
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