Sublime - My Ruca lyrics
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Sublime - My Ruca lyrics

On the eastside, that's where I met my ramona,
I wanna go to a party, that's what she said
Lonely - that's what I been

Here's my telephone number call me
..and to a party a house par-ty whole lotta people jus rally-roun-me and love,
She send a message oflove
She said I love up the way you move, I love the way you rap ,bopp bopp.
Ramona please step back

'cause she's my ruca, I'm barely waiting for my hina
She moved from long beach down to la
Right now she selling oranges by the freeway
I wanna know, ramona am I the only one tell me
And she said your not the only one, but your the best bradly
And know now I waiting for my ruca and I barely pulled up with my hina
I know tonite I be behind her, don't fuck around with my hina.
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