Sublime - Big Salty Tears lyrics
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Sublime - Big Salty Tears lyrics

Annies twelve years old
In two more she'll be a whore
Nobodys ever told her it's the wrong way.

Dont be afraid with the quickness you get laid
For you family get paid it's the wrong way.

I gave her all that I had to give.
Im gonna make it hard to live.
Big salty tears runnin down her chin
And it ruins up her make up
I never wanted.

A cigarette pressed between her lips,
While I'm starin' at her tits it's the wrong way.

Strong if I can but I am only a man
So I take her to the can it's the wrong way.

The only family that she ever has was her
7 horny brothers and a drunk ass dad.
He needed money so he put her on the street.
Everything was going fine until the day she met me.

Happy are you sad, wanna shoot your dad,
Ill do anything I can it's the wrong way.

We talked all night, tried to make it right,
Believe me shit was tight it's the wrong way.

So run away if you don't wanna stay, cause i
Aint here to make ya', oh no.

Its up to you what you really wanna do,
Spend some time in america, dub style.

So we ran away, and I'm sorry when I say
That to this very day it was the wrong way.

She took a hike, it don't matter if I like it or
Not cause she only wants it the wrong way.
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