R Kelly - Dollar Bill lyrics
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R Kelly - Dollar Bill lyrics

Foxy brown
Na na so sick make your toes twitch
Get up in yo ass and ride that shit
Oh yeah dare you act shady with the first lady
Let's go half on this baby
Inner thighs thick so when we fuck you must put me in swiss ho
Room 704 fuck they mad at me fo'
Skin copper na na stay proper who could stop her
I think I'll have you do a somersault
All that platinum shit you bought
Nigga fuck you thought it ain't my fault
Keep the wrist rocky attitude cocky
Next time you see me address me like miss foxy
It's for the wrist cop it if it's a six drop it
Thongs with topless how you like that robert
Ain't nothing sweet you know my style
Doggy style from the back in the back
Hit it like that

Dollar bill nothing but stacks get you anything
Anywhere as a matter of fact
Dollar bill say what you want baby while you be stalling at the lights
We be dipping in mercedes
Dollar bill we get from here to rio in two hours first class
Still time to shower
Dollar bill where ever we be it's vip status no doubt
Now what y'all cats know about that

R kelly
Say lady I'm liking what I see come on and talk to me baby baby baby
Can't you see one night is all I need
We can go somewhere and we talk about your future plans with me
I will do any thing to have you in my life that's right
We can take a flight out of here go anywhere
I got proof rims on the v 12 make you raise the roof
No gold in the tooth
Put some in the vault overseas private lofts
I'm you haters holocaust
Ain't my fault I'd rather still make a mil but it's my fault
I got my own label deal
Vacation in japan while you wish for benihana's
On the way to pick you up my donna the ill na na

Foxy brown
Now you know the na na plays with the boys
Everything fron the six coupe to the big royce can you handle that
A lotta sass and ass
With that and I'm strictly for the dough so fuck you think I'm here fo'
Princesses in a row row platinum status ice lace the pink face
Then I back the faggots
See me rocking anything form mongolians to persians you still learning
I got em swervin' through a sermon
And there's nothin' you can tell me about these cats
That I done either ran through or plan to in fact must I continue this
Might be a couple of cats that I missed we can skip the french kiss
Take it straight to the wrist and it gets no iller than this
Na na engraved on canary ice
See me wear it twice did y'all niggas hear me right
Me and kelly put the lock down
]from new york to chitown from his town to my town for the dollar bill

Repeat chorus

R kelly
Now tell me who said that we can't rock
I roll the dice let the dots say we won't stop
I roll from chitown to cali hit your block
I bless the day that r b music meet hip hop
You haters thought that kelly couldn't keep it hot
Even when I'm inj your face y'all see me not
Sportin' nothing but the rocks navigators on the block
Merridian cds with five tvs collagehoneys follow in your gs3
On the way to ihop coming from the spot
Niggas in the lot jammin' to the knock
Y'all mad 'cause you got what we got
Who's the number one contender january to december
Cut your forest down while you niggas screamin' jealousy
Sophia know me from the beach house in miami
Banks know me so I could give damn about the grammies

Dollar bill dollar bill y'all dollar bill y'all 3x
Dollar bill track masters rockland
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