Bone Thugs-n-harmony - Assurance lyrics
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Bone Thugs-n-harmony - Assurance lyrics

[Verse 1: Krayzie]
We the orginal criminals, therefore they'll be no replications or second guessin'
The nation thug invasion got these suckas shakin'
You been waitin' and anticipatin' the makin' and the arrival of my thug congregation, just call 'em Desperado
It aint hard to spot us, either follow the trials of the hollow shells, as well as the rotten smell of body cells
How many you niggas is ready to get down and dirty?
watch me spit rounds like a 30-30..word up!
Or you can just put on the instrumental and let a nigga run
It'll be like givin me a gun cuz imma kill everybody 'cause they know I can fuck with the tongue
I come at the end, explicit, elicit wicked call me Mr..Sawed off will hit cha
I take time out to beat this shit up, get up
Feel us it's the real niggas
The soldier field niggas, roll in control niggas
and we roll wit cold killers
So you better back up off us 'fore we blast you off us
And if you think we jokin' you'll be laughin' in a coffin (coffin... coffin...)

[Chorus: Layzie]
You say you work for a couple million dogg (nigga I aint impressed)
You keep your soilders in the field (nigga I aint impressed)
A gang of bitches that'll ride real (I ain't impressed)
This 40-cal will make ya life still (die in ya vest)

[Verse 2: Layzie]
See... ya'll the type of niggas that fuck up the party as soon as you get too drunk
We the type of niggas that chill in the club, ready to get 'em up
They don't even bring 'em my way, they know it's a fuckin' hustle
Im strapped up like seat buckles, Im backed up by these muscles, I seen struggle
A lot of these niggas that say they love you, but better feed the puzzle
Them same niggas that bring you trouble
We can rumble in this concrete jungle feelin' the thunder shake the ground
Better watch out for the ricochet, that boomerangs that laid it down
Don't you love it when they move chains (chains)
Nigga was talkin' all flackered and cocky like it was a gon' do thangs (do thangs)
Shoulda been watchin' the news mayn (news mayn)
'Cause deep in the ghetto even a nigga wet up cause that's the rules mayn
T-shirt and your shoe stained, And other slangin' in the drug game
Thug game, rap game, We all up under attack mayn
Operation 'Paper stack', mess with the that and you'll get split
You know who the fuck this is...Bone Thugs up in, ya dig?
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