Canibus - Get Off Ya Knees lyrics
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Canibus - Get Off Ya Knees lyrics


Get Off Ya Knees!
Change your style cause its time
Nigga's want me to rhyme pre-99
No-one can flow with Bis, Most people notice
But others just won't admit, They can't get over it
Rhymes I been known to spit, Mic's I been known to grip
Makes me the Ultimate, God father over this
I'm just a ghost of rip
A soldier in this show business don't exist if he has no defence
My opponents are so intent, not to show respect
They fret cause I'm a global threat
I'm so hard to catch, a cold with Caleb
I relocate so quick they can't close the net
I expose the press, dispose of the prints
On the loose again nobody knows what's next
My virus infects
Every machine with clandestine speech
Nigga Get Off Ya Knees!


Hip-Hop's habitat, Rip the Jacker's back
This is battle rap, def while I master tracks
I mix ant with thrax in your digestive track
I suggest its wack then I side-step to the back
I kidnap your X, For 10 million franks
Make you shit your pants, you smell like septic tanks
Just respect it man throw a fist in the air
The distance is Near, Armageddon is here
I permeate UN-worldly planes
as they crash in the worlds that trades only my words remain
Altruist Egoist - people are ignorant
what is the meaning of meaningless meaningfulness?
Formulas of primordial audio
40 ohms of euphorial anointed flows
It was written so it shall be told
Get off Ya knees, give me the microphone


My man-hood is massive, when it's not flaccid
Bis is real cool when he's not Rip the Jacker
I am modernist, I am complex
Vicarious logic of bodily hardship
Beat your ass till your teeth mash
Sand blast your face blow a breeze past, make you bleed fast
E-K-G's beep fast, Doctors speak fast
For skin graft the patch over deep gash
Give me details, how does meat smell?
After a train derails into a field of gazelles!
Step in the club; turn the crystal in your cups to red blood
Fuck Ya Heads up!
Suspend me from the game don't mention my name
Impossible Can-I-Bus drugs in your brain
Don't be a schmuck
You act like a movie I've proved I'm the illest you cannot dispute me
Get Off Ya Knees
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