Canibus - Horsemen Enforcements lyrics
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Canibus - Horsemen Enforcements lyrics

(feat. Kurupt, Ras Kass)

[Ras Kass]
Killah Priest, Canibus, Kurupt, Ras Kass
Horsemen. Enforcement

We, reconstruct (horseman)
Re-decompose, disassemble
The thirteenth member
Around the compound of 15 soldiers
Lead by four to start off the war

FEE, FI, FO, FUM! I smell the blood like Nosferatu!
Inhale invisible death like CO2
Slum you, your label mates, and your CEO too
See we know you, nigga, IOU

Cockin the heat, miser, feel the heat, dunn
The elite and street sweep
Pop hollow chrome, holla
Separate your collar-bone, marauder
Neo alotta(?), the anointed, don't get pin-pointed
Yeah, you bout to spread, we comin for head
Horseman, headless
The tactical tech technical technique torturous technician!
Hybrid, the virus spread miles around
Miles and miles, bodies found in piles for miles

You niggaz comedy with that gangsta rapper rap
That shit's comedy like Bernie Mac doing Beanie Sigel fuckin rap
Like magic how funny niggaz disappear your fame
Damon Wayans vs David Blaine
Tuck your chain (hell in a hand basket.... fight back...)

[Chorus Ras]
Kick in the door wavin the 4-4 (what?!)
To hit these niggaz with these ill metaphors (what?!)
Forever raw, forever love that hardcore (what?!)
Horsemen, bring the World War Four (what?!)

We run these concrete streets, sportin cleats
Ain't nothin sweet (faggot!)
That harocyglemic(??) rap is weak!
I swing machetes and chop niggaz legs off complete
Glue your ankles to your palms:
Meet the agony of defeat (the feet)!

You can't push me, believe it
I bash niggaz til they paraplegic
The source, the force, the flame!
The inner duct, the powder, the outer, the frame
We the horsemen, fuck the game!
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