Canibus - How Many Mc's lyrics
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Canibus - How Many Mc's lyrics

How many MC's must get dissed
before somebody says dont fuck with Bis?
(How many MC's? ....)
... Dont fuck with Bis

[Verse 1]
Yo, I'm valued as one America's most prestigious
breeds of rapper for oral speeches and ghetto english
Canibus, Can-I-Bus is my LLC
Limited Liability Corp, can you spell that for me?
When I was young I wish I had someone to tell that to me
Here's my card, Poet Laureate since 1803
I know people who have written newspapers on me
Some are greatful to me, others be hatin on me
You wanna bet I aint the illest? What you tradin' wit G
Occasionally I can feel the ripper ragin in me
I dunno, maybe it could be how the industry behaved with me
and lets say probably the Jamaican in me
It could also be Universal wasn't patient with me
if they weren't payin me I coulda called it slavery
The way they blatantly labeled me
some satanically motivated rapper that was related to beef
I know I'm strange but my blood ain't green
and I never needed a team because I'm not as dumb as I seem
The trinity divided into a dozen light beams
the future Ive seen has humbled my dreams
to come in famine and disease
But lemme chill I sound like Priest, and I dont really feel like gettin deep
Yall niggaz know anyone of The Horsemen could rip shit
But how many MC's must get dissed?


[Verse 2]
Ya know, I just think its time to be greatful
For every emcee that came through and spit tape-ful's of data for you
Every album before this, I made it for you
nowadays the truth is I got nothin to prove
But I heard him call my name a couple times
in a couple of his rhymes and I thought about it a couple of times
Is he lookin for a response or is he being a jerk?
Or am I just to involved in my work?
I thought to myself, "why he put my name in his verse"?
When he said I wasnt ill he just made things worse
Thats when I recognized what Stan was worth
the only man on earth that could reverse the 'Cool J curse'
I served him, like a nigga without purpose
constantly takin Rip The Jacker back to my therapist
I wasnt prepared for this
people wanna embarass Bis for reasons that are not really apparent to me yet
What, I cant get signed because I got mad at a vet?
How could a couple verses have so much anger in 'em?
Dont you know the difference between Rip The Jacker and Bis?
Go use the Pythagoris theory and do the math on this
Add up every multi syllable paragraph
that I've managed to average since January 96
and tell me when you find it you dick ridin' bitch
Im so sick of you bein skeptical always runnin behind my shit
tell me the truth, you really think its time that I quit?
You think maybe I could wholesale these rhymes that I spit?
I guess the nicest MC's got tired of Bis
and lied to theyselves like they never relied on Bis
The real rock of the game, people have climbed on Bis
rhyme mo' sick then anybody out your clique
Wit thousands of niggaz devout for that shit
I got a couple of bitches too, I make em bow to the dick
The album is sick, some Hollywood biography shit
the difference between ships in bottles, and bottles in ships
Fuckin wit Rip they find your fossils at the bottoms of cliffs
Stick 6 mics up your ass even though I doubt it will fit
but still how many MC's must get dissed
before somebody says dont fuck with Bis?

(how many MC's?.....)

[Chorus 2][x2]
How many MC's must get dissed
before somebody says dont fuck with Bis?
(How many MC's? ....)
... Dont fuck with Bis
How many MC's must get dissed
before somebody says dont fuck with Bis?
"I'll battle you on the net, I'll battle you in the flesh
Y'all niggaz know the rest," dont fuck wit Bis
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