Canibus - Canibus Man lyrics
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Canibus - Canibus Man lyrics

Yo, yo, let me explain something so that you understand
You will never be iller than the Canibus man
You could be male, female, black, white
Fuck the details, I rip a nigga with a rhyme till he screams help
Any nigga I told to kneel knelt
You haven't the slighest idea what a real MC is about
You need to be yourself, you can't sound like nobody else
And you can't do all of the beats yourself
You can't do it without the streets help
Niggaz on the block that blast the boom box till the speakers melt
That's how I was brought up, big fat elephant balls what
I'm a knucklehead with big walnuts, small frame extra large guts
I'll do anything to a nigga if he pushes me hard enough
I use to rhyme like all day
I mean little nigga spittin till my jaws felt sore with pain
I use to train with myself in the mirror
Like "Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who's iller"
How you like that? I use to say it just like that
Maybe I should copyright that, I'll be right back
Sorry to leave you hangin
I write things down quick cuz I ain't takin no chances
Thats the difference between you and me
You a wanna-be, and I'm an MC
I'm just in the booth right now
I'm just kickin it with you right now
I'm tellin you the truth right now
You can't fuck with the Canibus man, you can't fuck with the Canibus man

Now in this rap field, I got a lot of confirmed kills
I put niggaz through drills to prove if they got true skills
You coulda sold millions, but if you ain't got 100 bars shut the fuck up
At least don't talk to me, cuz I aint hearin you
If you that ill, give me a hundred bars, I'm darin you
I definitely ain't scared of you
I go to war cuz I'm prepared to lose
Just as long as I get to damage you
Take the mic from you, then put a knife in you
That's what I like to do, make you lose a pint or two
If you a lion I'm a tiger too
I could be as nice as you, but if you a snake I'm a viper too
Look you in the eyes and lie to you
Thinkin about all the possible ways to kill you while I smile at you
You like to get fly nigga I'm a pilot too
Don't even try to get deep cuz I'm a diver too
Don't try to fit in my shoes cuz you cant
Nobody can fuck with the Canibus man, understand?

Yo, yo, yo, my mouth is mechanically mechanized
My verbal weapon fires a whole clip of rhymes before you can get off one round
Can-I-Bus will buss ya, apply enough pressure to crush ya, I pulverize mother fuckers
Leave MC's laid out like hurricane debris, 15 Megatons of TNT
The overseas block busta, bustin up blocks like the Tiguska meteorite to hit Russia
Comin from the underground I discovered
A ground underneath the ground before underground bunkers
Dedicate it's blunkers, deeper than the labrith
Conductin excavations of the matrix
Living in uninhabitable places, craters of a desert like oasis with a cydonian faces
As barren as Las Vegas, as barren as the wombs of women who use artificial insemination
As barren as Utah's Salt Lake City basin, as barren as ancient Egypt before irrigation
A five-star chef makin mouth-watering creations with blood stains on my apron
Put the heads of wack MC's in my oven and bake them
Then garlic bread sticks in their eye sockets and taste them
It's not really that odd, when you consider part of the ancient culture loves to eat dogs
Feline cats with their claws, paws and all
Caucasians eat frogs, African-americans eat the hog
Hindus in India will kneel to the floor and worship cows and rats as gods
I raise the odds, spit rhymes towards Mars and beyond to the nearest binary star
I'mma tell you once more my main man, you can't fuck with the Canibus man
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