Canibus - In The Rain lyrics
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Canibus - In The Rain lyrics

[Hook x2]
Drivin' all night through the rain
Tryin' to escape the pain
I can't get away
With the way I drive will I make it home alive?
How will I survive?

Cereal killer, slasher, Rip the Jacker
Been on America's Most and still can't be captured
Think about it, how am I supposed to feel?
If you ain't have a record deal, how would you feel?
In a world where it seems like you're all alone
Like my name didn't help the rap market grow
Like I'm hardly gold, like I ain't got a remarkable flow
When I deserved to die old and broke
I'd rather have an overdose doin' coke or dope or both
Gettin' bathed in a bathhouse by Dorothy Dandrich
Hailey Berry and Jennifer Lo, bending over for soap
What a way to go
A friend of mine told me that I know a lot of nothing
I looked him in the eyes and said at least I know something
I know I've been driving all night through the rain
And I'm lookin' for a sunny day
I wanna run away

[Hook x2]

I be the first one to tell you I'm an ill emcee
But I'm a human being and if you prick me, I bleed
I might bleed internally, but it's still hurting me
Can-i-bus is not what he deserves to be
I just wanna rhyme, I don't wanna beef wit you
But if you bite me, I'ma put my teeth in you
I want the whole world to say, "Canibus, I believe in you"
The same way, my man, Ricky Lee would do
Don't sterotype us, we freedom fighters
We drive all night through the rain wit' no wippers
I paid that price a couple of times
And when I'm on the mic, I spit double the rhymes
I ain't scared of the competition
But I want you to listen to me even when I'm not rippin'
I hope you never have to feel my pain
I hope you never have to drive all night through the rain

[Hook x2]

Will somebody please tell me, what does it take?
I been on promotional tours, from state-to-state
I've done a 100 Bars on mixtape
People recognize the face, but the sales don't equate
I guess I'll plead guilty if
Rippin' a rhyme is a crime
Cause I'ma get mine or die tryin'
I'm verbally inclined to shine
I spin like a turnbine and blow the rain clouds out the sky
I drive through the rain til the roads get dry
Bonafide Gladiator that was born to ride
You could never put a price on my pride
If I have to, I'll swim against the tide til my arms get tired
But I won't disappear and I will not be quiet
Or get pushed to the side, I will not be denied
Keep my eyes and ignore the pain
No matter how long I gotta drive through the rain

With the way I drive, will I make it home alive?
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