C-note - U Ain't Gotta Luv Me lyrics
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C-note - U Ain't Gotta Luv Me lyrics

Mic check, one-two
Mic check, yeah

[Hook: x2]
You ain't gotta love me, niggaz playa hating why you hating on me
Look into my eyes, tell me what you see
Now they talking down, on these Clover Geez
But nigga you'll see, you ain't gotta love me

I'm the first nigga throwing punches
Lay a nigga on his back flat, as if they was doing crunches
Y'all niggaz feel the heat, and y'all losing countries
Y'all niggaz feeling sweet, and we got the munchies
My rap lyrics, eat boys up
And my same, had me beating boys up
Ten years in the game, still independent
Southwest shut down, nigga still in it
Nigga still win it, nigga still spend it
Ain't dropped in a while, but the DJ still spin it
Niggaz hating on me, but they waiting on me
Like them new A-1's, anticipating on me
Can't wait, for the album to drop
Can't wait for the mom and pop's, to get the shit that's hot
The type of shit, that you can bump on your block
The type of shit, that make you run from the cops is you with it or not

[Hook x2]

Boys is scared, boys prepared
To make history, y'all niggaz bout to bring out the best of me
Got a problem, I'm right here
Where Texas be, I'm where the restless be
And we up all night, like on extasy
Keep a fine lil' mama, right next to me
And if you try to run up, ain't no testing me
Boy bad for your health, lik aspestis be
And I'm down, with the 4200 block
And we let them thangs fly, without no warning shots
Cause it's on, they run track the way they catching out
Six screens in a Lac, when we pulling out
It's VVS, say they five
Don't hate I'm just trying to survive, and keep my ass alive
Everyday, it's a struggle and strive
You know we trying to get that green like chives, my niggaz keeping it live

[Hook x2]

So keep hating mayn, adds fuel to my fire
Like that endo nigga, get me high and high
Four ki's in the tire, rest my main desire
But the streets keep me hot, so I'm the main supplier
Tell a nigga like a bitch, you ain't gotta love me
While I'm up in VIP, sipping yellow bubbly
And I travel round the world, in that new G-4
Touch down in the city, show you how shit go
More ice than the snow, they like you can see me
In the candy black paint, or the Lamborghini
Got girls in bikinis, taking it off
Blowing blunts, while in the backyard playing the golf
Three mill on a house, and I'm still independent
And I can see, why you hating on my Clover pendant
I'm shining, like a shiny lil' star
There go C-Note in that shiny new car, oh boy

[Hook x4]

Uh, what what what what what
You ain't gotta love me, what
Gotta love, you ain't gotta love
You ain't gotta love me
Let's get it cracking mayn
See miss whatever nigga, you know what it do
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