Conejo - Conejo And Capone lyrics
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Conejo - Conejo And Capone lyrics

(feat. Capone)

[this is not the same Capone from the group Capone-N-Noreaga (CNN)]

[Conejo] What's up Capone
[Capone] What's up Conejo
[Conejo] You ready to ride homey
[Capone] Let's ride
[Conejo] Alright

Gangster gangster, third and second generations
Stroll the boulevard to let you know who's really hard
Homies in the back got the straps on deck
Putting bitch ass vatos in fucking check
Numerous arrests, Conejo stay loyal
When it extends to death, we put the Bibles in the soil
Arsonals expand, vatos drop for cover
Put my finger on the trigger, let the automatic stutter
Home invasion, I extort narcotics
I intimidate the witness till they relocate his ass
Assault with a deadly weapon
Enemigas, they get shot cuz they kept on slipping
Thus far, these untraditional tactics
Methaphetamine and some tar for the neighborhood addicts
Case load, probation and parole
Disrupted groups were to wicked to control

[Chorus: Conejo]
Conejo and Capone got this gangster shit
Fully automatic with some extra clips
Vatos they get shot, juras they get shot
Come in to the area where the guerra never stop
Conejo and Capone got this gangster shit
Fully automatic with some extra clips
Bitches they get shot, haters they get shot
Come in to the area where the guerra never stop

This gangster shit little homey, fuck the whole game up
Only some real chingones can make our shit blow up
We coming out the cut, fucking vatos up
Lyrics tight like virgin pussy, games dirty like a slut
You can't fuck with these locote night stalkers
Pistolwhip the talkers, put the bodies in footlockers
Trip, you get damaged, hate, you get played
Diss us on your record and your clicka gets a hade
Conejo and Capone keeps em slipping on ice
Tag-teaming on you levas so you catch drama twice
We on some pitbull status out for blood and respect
When the gun smoke clears the scene, jura lights on the set
Latino Jam blockers on the crimescene like none
Vatos got their bocas bumping, get traumatized like nuns
Fucking with this hook-up from Texas to West Los
Put em in the dirt and make the dust from their juesos


From CY to CDC, if we're ever incarserated
Seperated by the streets, but by the system always hated
Indicted, robbery and arson, distribution of narcotics is the major league
Enemensely, disciplinary, broken windows that needed to be fixed
Gaining status, there was strength in numbers
Knifes changed in bottoms, let's rush these vatos
Gang fights, everyday and everynight
Everybody get involved, somebody gotta die
Gangsters wanna ride, West Los, Southside
Keep it real for my perros doing time
That's on my jefa, I stay heated
Act a fool little homey, and ese been misleaded
To some vatos that'll dig your grave
And wait to kill you till the order's been gave


We got this gangster shit homey, que no
That's right, Capone and Conejo the hook-up
That's right homeboy, that's the way it's going down
Motherfuckers get wacked on the motherfucking calles
I ain't no joke ese
I'll pistolwhip your motherfucking hyna and your jefa ese
Fuck that homeboy
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