Conejo - Hey Hold On Bitch lyrics
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Conejo - Hey Hold On Bitch lyrics

(feat. Bugsy)

[Conejo] Hey what's up girl?
[Girl] What's up Conejo?
[Conejo] I wanna fuck
[Girl] What a coincidence, so do I
[Conejo] Let's handle that shit
Check it out, check it out
Hey hold on (bitch)

Baby would you like to have sex on the beach
With sand up your butt, the water at your reach
Cuz maybe if you have it, then maybe I can show you
I know we're moving fast but I wanna get to know you
Give you hickies on your belly, you call me on the celly
To pick you up from college, take it straight to the tele
So we can shower naked, you're begging me to take it
I carry you to bed so we can start to make it
I'm staring at you're body, every last curve
We're laughing cuz we're high, me and baby smoking herb
I'm a gangsta, and I'ma live for the moment
So I can come and hit it mama, any time you want it
You say you want a tat, put Conejo on your tittie
I'm the Duke of Earl, baby we can run the city
We're dancing at the club and you ain't got no panties
All the trips to the bar got us fucking in the car

[Chorus: Conejo]
Hey, hold on, baby baby
Stop, hold on, baby baby
Hey, hold on, baby baby
Stop, hold on (bitch)

You look good babe, and my intent is dramatic
Cuz everytime I see you, got a player getting at it
I like your smile and I dig your style
Just to see you everynight I'd walk a hundred miles
When I look into your eyes you can tell I wanna fuck you
I'ma whisper in your ear and then I'll start to rub you
Diverse, I unbutton your blouse
I kissed you in your sleep, spent the night at her house
Eyes glossy, you're known for smoking that weed
Now that we're stoned come on, let's do our thing
Then we lay half naked in bed
Girl you look so fine, Victoria's Secret in red
We work in secret just to keep it intense
Erotic, acrobatic like a gold medal gymnast
Check this, I wanna die in your arms
Don't trip baby girl cuz I can bring you no harm

[Chorus: Conejo]
Hey, hold on, baby baby
Stop, hold on, baby baby
Hey, hold on, baby baby
Stop, hold on (bitch)

Hold on, hold on, girl I know you ain't acting up
They hating cuz this dirty paper keep stacking up
What you think? I wanted to cuddle and all that?
Don't mean no disrespect, it ain't going down like that
Only killing from the back like, smack smack
Oh you're joto's calling now, that's positive feedback
Better believe that, Bugsy do it too much
Got Sandy sucking dick, and three friends cuz two ain't enough
Some find that nasty, most are with it
Come out the closet, exotic, triple X, explicit
Don't get me wrong, ain't gotta give me the thong
It's my Brown fast lifestyle that got me hot and turned on
This that gangsta shit, aha, watch how they pause
Shake it, shake it, stiptease if it's helping your cause
Pero bump this, turn around with a tounge kiss
Keep taking it off mama and stacking your hundreds

[Chorus: Conejo]
Hey, hold on, baby baby
Stop, hold on, baby baby
Hey, hold on, baby baby
Stop, hold on, baby baby (bitch)

[Girl] Hey Bugsy
[Bugsy] Hey hold on, hold on
[Girl] Hold on? You better come over here and then put it on me
[Bugsy] Yeah, we can do this
That's right homey
[Conejo] That's right
[Bugsy] Hold on
[Conejo] That's right baby girl
[Girl] I just wanna put it on you
[Bugsy] That's how we do it in the West
Come here girl, we can do this
[Girl] Right now, right now
[Bugsy] Smack smack
Check it out, check it out
Hey hold on (bitch)
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