Canibus - Hype - Nitis lyrics
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Canibus - Hype - Nitis lyrics

1st man:
Yowassupwassup son?

2nd man:
Ya'll ready? y'all ready?

1st man:
Yeahyeahyeah we ready. wassupson? wassupwassup? what's the deal?
What's the deal?

3rd man:

1st man:
Yeahaightso what all we gotta do is do the shit we been working on and add
This new canibus nigga. you know what I'm saying?


1st man:
Yeahniggas gonna feel that nigga.

3rd man:
Ohthat's the old to the new.

2nd man:
That's gonna bring us back. bring us back.

1st man:
That's gonna bring us backyou know. so yolet's go work on this shit.
Ahhy'all ready?

(goes into some session)

Female vocalists (singing):
Hypnytis is in your eyesthat lookthat smile in disguise.

Ayocan you feel it?
I know that everybody's heard of that (vapors)
But this is the 98 version of that
Biz markone of the founders of this art
Discovered evidence of this disease and documented it
Now the name of the virus is called "hypnytis"
A terminal condition that effects all biters and liars
Hypnoholics can't require my respect
Cause they snakes and I can smell the venom on their breath


Alright nowI'm about to break the hypnytis down
It's characterized by a certain type of lifestyle
People that treated you foul just wanna be nice now
Smile and raise their eyebrows when you come around
I remember when I first started to work
And tried to get this job as a label intern
Them niggas was killing mecause wasn't nobody feeling me
A&rs wouldn't even risk demo-dealing me
Can you believe that shit?
That's how it was back then


AyoI know most the niggas I exchange pounds with or lounge with
Wouldn't be around if my career was spiraling downward
They'd crowd around me till I'm surrounded
Ask me who I'm down with
Till I replied"the navy seals outfit"
They told me my album was coconuts so they rewound it
I knew they was hypnoholics by how their voices sounded
I pull a silver can out of my trousers
Paid a public announcement about the hype juice and then I bounced kid


To me hypnytis is like the measles
Cause it's a disease too
Studies show it affects 1 in every 5 people
It's so lethal the cure can't be achieved through
Hypodermic needles or the ingestion of medicine in teaspoons
If you feel the need to
Here's a toll-free numberthey'll send you an 8-page pamphlet for you to read
There'll be available hypnoholics standing by for you to speak to (echo)

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