Canibus - Get Retarded lyrics
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Canibus - Get Retarded lyrics

G-g-g-g-g-g get retarted *sampled* *2x*
Get g-get get retarted
G-g-g-g-g-g get retarted *2x*


Yo; niggas is phony frontin like they masters ceremonies
None of these suckers are even remotely close to me
To be nice I sacrifice things like no sleep
I keep a library of lyrics on microfiche
Creating concepts so deepniggas quote me
They rewind and interpret my rhymes to they homies
I did things beyond your flowseons ago
Its inevitablein '98 i'ma blow
Ever since '84I been in it to win it
But since back then we used to battle by ? spittin on the cement?
You can't even absorb the rhymes I record
Or resolve the deep laws of the physics involved
I travel to the end of the universe and beyond
ConceptsI arrange from a cellular star sect'
From the galaxy of andromeda
I puzzle niggas like crop-circles and other unexplained phenomena


Aiyyonine out of ten of these rap artists is garbage
(g-g-g-g-g-g get retarted)
You spinelessrhymelessniggas is heartless
(get g-get get retarted)
AiyyoI came to see that hiphop is never tarnished
(g-g-g-g-g-g get retarted)
So I *echoes*
(g-g-g-g-g-g get retarted)


Aiyyoall I really want is you niggas to stop bitin
All I really want is you niggas to start writin
All I really want is you niggas to be original
And start spittin some lyrical shit I can listen to
You haven't written the perfect rhyme yet
You don't even know the sequences to the human-geno project
You haven't come in terms with your God yet
And you refuse to believe in unidentified flying objects
When I bomb niggasI get retarted probably more than you bargained
I'm talkin about rippin mic off your arm shithype shitblow up a mic shit
You might getbeat the fuck up in broad daylight with a nighstick
To the britishI'm ghandi
To the japanese I'm an american pilot flying over nagasaki
To the aids patient I'm your last anti-body
Sitting and waiting for a cure for minor biology



YoI be lookin directly into the human eye to see if you a pussy
And completely ruin your ability to lie to me
I pull a nine on a bullycock back the cannon
GoddamnitI don't think you fully understand it
Ask nine out of ten niggas on the planet
Who the best isthe question would go unanswered
Till I step upto the front line with rhymes
Revving my engines like they were powered by they're minds
Murdering niggas with lyrics manufactured within my dna's double-helix
I leave you in troubled spiritsI'm absolutely the purest
Breeder mc from the united states of america to europe I deserve it
However you wanna word itI'm perfect
Touch my microphone on accident and get murdered on purpose
(g-g-g-g-g-g get retarted)

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