Natas - Kill Me lyrics
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Natas - Kill Me lyrics

I'm wonderin should I and how could I
Escape from the planet of the apes
Gorilla meister, suicide's quicker
But I'd rather beat the killer dead then dead
Nigga body bled, red flows through the river
When dead men float but I step through the smoke in Heaven
It's no emergency whatsoever, so never apologetic
It's hectic and devilish in the killin fields
Gone take more than Michael Jackson to make the world heal
I'm ill, so many wish for my death I feel I'm suicidal
But I don't mess all what they want me to do is die
So ressurect the show from related chemicals
Mad science count it down as it rolls and it blows
It's me, tickin time bomb walkin freely
Through any facility, ain't no killin me

Niggaz kill me, they wanna kill me
They fuckin with the real in me
They wanna see the ill me

Niggaz kill me hopin my futures lookin dim
I just go with the flows movement of dead men don't swim
Plus my religion, never livin in fear
Need a witness leave one of these bitches, with chicks to volunteer
To fuck with me never fuck with me, what it be
I'm ready to die, my life is just a luxury
Defended be defenseless, sweat by the minutes
I'm sick, never drownin in my own shit
Do or die, you came to fry, you justify
Sticky for the niggaz who do voodoo in the sky
This game of death we play is for killas only
And its a bitch, these bustas runnin up on me


Look it, behavior sins tales to the cowardly
Stiff enough to break in half, break off every worker on the staff
Your last days is numbered by my wicked ways
I hate to say it, but every step wrong ya stepped into a grave
It never ceased to amaze me
I gotta X every nigga who thought you lookin at? You all a crazy
Dead men walkin through the grave zone
I'm sick of waitin for death like I got the wrong colors on
This ain't Killa Cali, Detroit is where I'm from
Next gangbangin ass nigga to claim my hood won't live to see the sun
Never thought I'd have to step in the middle a war on my block
Killa murder plot, fuck it you

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