Natas - Doubelievengod lyrics
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Natas - Doubelievengod lyrics

I never ever believed I've been deceived like adam & eve
my thoughts bust to make my mind bleed
in god you trust but in god I bust caps
to peel caps and fill bloody naps bitch
you wanna go to hell or heaven?
I got the 3-5-7 pointed at cha so ya better pray
before ya life gets takin away
before the bullet hits ya dome all I have to say
is do you believe? nigga

Do you believe in god? I don't know what this world is comin to [x4]
Do you believe in god nigga?
Who is god where is god?
Do you believe in god?
Where is god who is god?

picked up the bible and burnt my hands
1-8-7 at the church dead body needs an ambulance
the unforgetable medication, the masturbation
premature ejaculation, premeditation
murder meditation deep
niggas sleep so I creep my crew rolls 6 feet deep
blaz4me sacreligious to this religious figure
and I'm the wrong nigga
so do you believe?


Do you believe in god, do you believe in god? [x4]
some might wonder what god is, some say god is man
some say god is space & time...I say this

tell me
do you believe in god?
I think it is odd
I'd rather be dead underground covered in sod
when I walk the earth, walk this way
leavin you in dismay
there they lay to stay you better pray
people dyin outside my town, homicide surrounds the block of suicide
where I live both worlds collide
I'ma chop that image of your god up
only a reel life product connects you
do you believe in god?


do you believe nigga? that's right I said do you believe?
So you believe in god nigga?
Son't ask me ask yo self, motherfucker motherfucker

[Chorus: repeat until fade]
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