R Kelly - Don't Let Go lyrics
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R Kelly - Don't Let Go lyrics

[R.Kelly: Talking]
Yo I Can't Keep Doin This
I Gots To Say Something
Ya Feel Me
See I Just Can't Keep Living Life Confused
Girl, We Gotta Make A Move
Tell Me Something Cuz A....

[Verse 1:]
First U Wanna Go
Then U Wanna Stay
Then U Wanna Talk About It Baby
Put Ya Bag Down
Then Pick Ya Bag Up
Then U Just Walk Out On Me Baby
If Love Were Ice
Then I Can See A Future In What We're Doing Baby
Girl, I'm Not Tryin To Confuse Ya
Just Wanna Spend My Life Wit U Baby

(Girl, Please Tell Me Where Do We Go From Here)
I Wanna Change Your Name To My Name
And I Know U Feel The Same Way So..
(Girl, Let's Just Go Get Far Away From Here)
And Let It Beat, Let Our Hearts Beat
Take A Deep Breath, Now Baby Hold On

Hold On (And Girl Don't Let Go)
Hold On (Just Keep Holdin On)
Hold On (Baby, We'll Walk Through The Storm Together)
Hold On (Girl, I Promise U This Love's Forever)

[Verse 2:]
First, U Say U Love Me
Then U Say Well...(I Don't Know)
We Both Feel Same
So Baby What The Hell (Let's Go)
U Holla Ya Friends
I'll Handle The Streets
Let's Just Let Em All Know
Girl, I Just Gotta Be With U If I'm Gonna Be Free
Cuz U Are My Soul



(Although, We've Come From 2 Different Worlds)
Baby, That Doesn't Matter To Me
Cuz My World Is U
(Who Would Of Thought We'd Get This Far)
And I Don't Care What The World May Say
It's U And Me Against All Odds

Hold On (Hold On And Baby Be Strong)
Hold On (We Can Make It Baby If We Just Hold On)
Hold On (We'll Walk Through The Storm Yeah, Yeah)
Hold On (Just Hold On, Just Hold On)

We're Gonna Make It Baby [x4]
We're Gonna Make It Baby [x4]
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