Canibus - Horsemen lyrics
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Canibus - Horsemen lyrics

F/ pharoahe monch

[pharoahe monch]
Yo yo
The sheer fuckin assemblin of these fo' niggas rekindling war
Seek the horsemenwe walk the planet earth on all four's
Cause your empire to fall like the season before winter
Don't get beside yourself like clone twins in the placenta
Assassinate the mayor through time-travel
The assignment: to reduce all molecules and pass through solid confinement
The only way you could flooowww *slows down* iiisss iiifff
I liquidize your rhyme
Consequently blowin by me crystalizin your mind
The government assigned sentinals for horsemen elimination
Claimin we were mutants of artificial insemenation
Lost my limbs to bomb shrapnel
But through cell regeneration the blood accelerates at twice the speed
Peep the vindication indeed
Think tank full when you blinkthink syncronicity
Rob three banks at the same time through multiplicity shine
Please!!! these four niggas combine alone
Bringin a nation of mc's to their knees wit ease
Seige a soldier and hold men for ransom
Stop procreationchop they cocks off so they can't come
Block off a forty mile radiusbomb your fanbase
Seeds to abnormally born and scorn wit a man's face
Indeed watch the moon bleedwe lead by example
Loop my life in timestretch it in a nine like a sample

[canibus] (horsemen)
We rock quadropeds (horsemenenforce men)
Chop off your fuckin head (we the horsemenenforce men)
Leave you all dead then we eat your car-cus
(the horsemen) I'm a horseman (enforce men)
I'm a horseman (the horsemen)
I'm a horseman (the forcemen)
We the horsemen!
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