Papoose - Brotherly Love lyrics
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Papoose - Brotherly Love lyrics

Look how we dress we fly just like Delta
All we need is food, clothing, and shelter
Streetsweepers on the rise
The wait is over I arrive
The 1.5 million dollar man
Just to think I started with one grand
I know you got hundreds and millions god damn
I'ma catch up just give me a time span
How it feel when you shake my hand
Feel like money don't it, my man
And I wanna thank most of my fans
Without y'all I wouldn't be who I am
Who we are myself and my fam
The knockout kings me and Nasaam
I know you tired of them same nine jams
On the radio all day, I am
A relief like walkin' on hot sand
Then steppin' in cold water, I can
Become a millionaire just for rhymin' on mics
I'm about to have the time of my life

Walked in the store and copped me a cold bottle
All the kids love me they say I'm their role model
This pretty little girl she ran up on me fast
She said 'My name's Asia can I get your autograph?'
I praise the kids so when I signed the paper
It read 'Papoose in the name of Asia'
Wouldn't be here if my mom's wasn't in labor
So let me walk you through the laws of nature
I swam up a fallopian tube, hopin it lead through well
Fertilized joined with an egg to form a single cell
With anxiety, divided, and redevided entirely
Changin' to two trillion cells, all different varieties
Off the stress of this chain of events, grown reliably
Time prevented me but my destiny was society
I just borned you, like she borned me
Now the children of the world can see

We hold each other down like real brothers should
Knowledge before wisdom we understood
They try to come between us, none of those suckers could
Cause you can't penetrate steel with lumber wood
Money over sex and honor before money
Death before dishonor, feed you if you hungry
Fam before friends, no outside trust
He might be your man but he ain't one of us
It be outsiders that put a family in a war
Tell him watch his head before they cut it off
He sellin' three grams and tellin' em' it's a ball
They comin' back for that point 5 they want it all
We was on the grind when the company was
Just division, now I give the country a buzz
My blood brotha not because he a thug
You my brotha, brotherly love...

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