L'arc En Ciel - New World (english Translation) lyrics
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L'arc En Ciel - New World (english Translation) lyrics

NEW WORLD-L'Arc~en~Ciel

Surely reality is here
It's no use to turn back yesterday
the sky is always constant
Into shadow less world, surrounded by noise, the sound awakes me
tearing the darkness and seize the abundance of light
I'm awakening in the new world

when you extend your hand
I will accompany you in an instant
Floating higher than anyone else, reaching place with no gravity
Countdown to liberty that notice the awakening voice
Spread and expand the wings and fly away!

Struggled heart beat, passing time, vibrate
I'm Awakening in the new world

Distorted, blended, dissolved, flow away
Follow the path that penetrates the sky
Without ending

charge through the darkness and catch the abundance of light
Searching for the attached moment

I got you, and hold your voice, flap you higher and higher
The future that spills, poured until bright
I'm awakening in the new world
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