L'arc En Ciel - Niji (english) lyrics
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L'arc En Ciel - Niji (english) lyrics

My feelings are filled with the performance of time with a clear voice
The endless future continue to walk to your eyes

My heart is honestly fragile
Everybody around me is breaking
Suddenly in the sudden rain, although you stop again
You still believe in me

Higher than everyone else
Close to the sky
I am close to something bright and shinny
I wished for light
If I was burning, I will be okay
Everything is accompanying the truth

"The boy saw the hatred to which he is hiding a person shadow"
I don't want to see this kind of world anymore
No more! No more! No more!

But I will still think of you
Even if the season is coming to an end
It has rained many times but now it has stopped
It looks like the scene which i always watched with my eyes closed

The person pain
The dreams which never come true
Why does love have to be born in my chest
The flowers that we blossoming are sinking back into the ground

The time is fill with love
With a clear voice continue to give the endless night to your eyes
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