Pennywise - Living For Today lyrics
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Pennywise - Living For Today lyrics

You look around what do you see? I'll tell you what I see is a world belong-
Ing to me take time to find what you may dream it' all right there within your
Grasp just beyond what you can see we're the ones, the only ones, strong ones,
Proud ones we're living for today those for the past and tomorrow they'll have
Hell to pay and if your life is going by too fast it's time for you to slow
Down it's time for you to make it last before you trip and slip and you will
Miss this happy little stepping stone just before eternal bliss your life goes
By before you know you gotta take time to slow down better take time to veer
Off the road enjoy the sights while you are here there's nothing to fear but
Fear itself who knows when the end is near don't make plans with your hands
Tied you'll never know you're missign out repeatedly on the things that help
You grow you've got to own your soul you've got to take control find a one day
Plan young man get this straight live for today
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