Pennywise - Running Out Of Time lyrics
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Pennywise - Running Out Of Time lyrics

People all around us are covering up their eyes hard to find the answers believing all the lies wonder when we'll stop it when will all of this end got one last message to send we're killing off
Planet the end is drawing near brother fighting brother a world interned by fear if we don't try and stop it we slowly start to die got this one last chance to try if you want a future then you
E it's crumbling all around you it happens here so many times must be some solutions to find a way if we don't get some answers one day soon you can bet we're going to pay there's got to be a wa
Give us one good sign to decide whose side we're on cause we're running out of time millennium upon us and still we are denied fruits of public labour unevenly supplied prosperity is limited to
A precious few only one thing left to do ancients spent religions serve to separate the race into tribes that fight each other system must be replaced xenophobic zealots are preparing for war wh
It we're fighting for nation
Of hypocrisy discontent of lunacy afraid we'll never see the signs start the quest to find the truth take no more of this abuse or one day you will find you running out of time
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