Rick Ross - I Got It Feat. B.g. lyrics
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Rick Ross - I Got It Feat. B.g. lyrics

Ok gutta da kid nigga (nigga)
i got Rick Ross and B.G. ridin wit me (weightlifters)
i'm carryin dis city on my back
miami i got ya

(Bridge: Rick Ross)
I get ya higher, i keep da fire
if you da buyer, den i'm da provida
22 inch tires cause i'm a rider
comin from da trap im a supplier

(Verse #1: Rick Ross)
my money come in bags, bags bigga den books
da benz all black, black as a crook
it's 18 ross extra for me too cook
so when I ride by ya holla at ya supplier
choppa wit a scope, I aint missin niggas nope, takin niggas dope
leavin niggas soaked
shoes on da truck movin da dust
10 bedrooms you could move in wit us
i might bussem down front em to da zo pound
or leave it in da take just feed it to em straight
look into my mind, you will find a dolla sign
so im puttin 29's on every car i drive
nigga til da death of me
i do it for wit a recpie
whip it real hard, whip it whip it real hard
you know i got it little nigga so come and show wit me
take my hand you can walk to da top wit me

Hook: #4 (Gutta da Kid)
you need it i got it im talkin bout dat fire man
da hoods number 1 call me da supplier man

Verse #2: B.G.)
Look i come threw thuggin, dis little nigga a fool
all my life been hustlin 9th grade dropped outta school
i thought it was cool i ran wit da older dudes
i flipped my 1st slab from namay to do what it do
i had nuthin to lose. but had sumthin to prove
in 95' i put my 1st man on da news
gizzle did paid his dues, gizzle den did his work
gizzle been makin moves, gizzle been gettin work
if you want it i got it, if you want it come get it
den again i take dat back cause too many niggas bitches
too many niggas snitch dey tell on da whole set
tell the feds everything they know den guess da rest
da game fucked up but it is what it is
i fuck wit one kind cause real recognize real
it's get it how ya live, i live how i get it
dey 16 a key deep down in choppa city


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