Bathory - Enthroned In The Temple Of The Serpent Kings lyrics
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Bathory - Enthroned In The Temple Of The Serpent Kings lyrics

Ancient cromlech carved of ice
Etched against a glimmering sky
Beneath the pale moonlightthe witch enthralling
(like the sublime) scent of black lotus
Ahiling a black sun with ebon rays
Hailing a black moon as onyx agleam
The dark horn sounds 'cross the nighted vale
Shadows call in this bleak winter's dream.

I seize the throne round dagon's stone
Dark hordes arise 'neath winter skies
Forged 'neath the moonby skulthur's tomb
Blood-oath sealedby frost-veiled steel.

White flames dancing on the snow
The witch-fire gleams through northern skies
The frost of heather upon her tongue
Whispering dreams of atlantean spires
Ruby lippedmidnight tressedeyes as black as raven's wing
Flesh so pale as dawn-frost gleaming
Kisses sweet like moon-dew's tears.
Deep within the glacial ice-veiled temple
Ancient enchantments
Summon the shades of the dreaming serpent kings...
And the ophidian throne once again draws
Power from the moon-shrouded crystal...
Mystic steel is anointed by the crimson wine of battle
And blood reddens the gleaming snow.

Storm-borne bride of winter's fire
Serpent-witch of the whispering fens
Veils of scarlet and sable
Blood spilled in the vault of night
Frost-garlandedthe mind-binding glimmer
Of tear-filled ophidian eyes
The gleam of winter moonlight upon black waters
Nighted spells of the enchantress.

Scourge of angsaarwielder of the black sword
Immortal lord of darkmereserpent-witch ensorcle me.

Black sun... black moon!
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