Bone Thugs-n-harmony - I'm Bone lyrics
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Bone Thugs-n-harmony - I'm Bone lyrics

Yeah I got a couple cribs, so what, nigga
Rollin sittin on dub, dubs, nigga
But I don't have to wear no diamonds to shine
Damn you don't know that cause I'm Bone, Bone

Look at me tipsy sippin on Grey Goose, finna let loose cause I can
Fuckin with people that's off in the crowd, nigga you know me I'm the man
Cleveland, is the city, where the Thuggstaz get down
Just come to my town and ask around, they tell you who the rawest in town
Cause I'm a +Thug By Nature+, strictly for the paper
Ain't nobody steppin to Steve (B-O-N-E)
I come with the ones, I come with the Thugs
I come with the things that go bang
It's still an +Everyday Thang+, for me to let my nuts hang
You {?} was the ticket if the price right we can kick it
Like a lip, I'ma hit it, party on I gots to get it
Keep them foxy women baggin it up (baggin it up)
While them haters stayin actin up (actin up)
You flashin what? I'm flashin frosty nuts
Girl if you come and take a ride with me
And if you ridin with me, sit back recline in yo' seat
Cause in the world where I'm from the sun always shine
And even though a nigga don't want it baby the world is mines, c'mon

I'm out of my mind, a ski mask, chains and gloves
Waitin for niggaz to come out of the club – I hit 'em up!
Give me the dubs for my niggaz that bang and slang drugs
We fuckin them niggaz up, ain't no love for Bone Thugs
Nigga fuck y'all! Y'all bitches used up
It's business as usual, I ain't takin no shit, from none of ya
Wanna see my niggaz with no, money huh?
Since a nigga young think he rollin with dummies or you a sucka for
That's why I hit you bitch, flippin that activist for freedom
And I'm Bone Thug too, make 'em need 'em
No per diem, just a pistol in nails to leave
I'm the youngest Bone nigga, 7th Sign mastermind y'all get wit

We steppin inside the party, Marti Grati
Now get me a shot of Bacardi, let it get up in my body
Make my body body rock rock – I'm known to rip a soul full of shit
I'ma just get up against a raw dawg and pull on my dick
Tell the DJ don't even tell 'em we in here, we on the low
No thuggin in V.I.P. for me and my niggaz, we on the flo'
C'mon, heyyy – we finna get this party started right
Could you put some Thug music on
Like Bone Bone to get a nigga vibin in my zone, hey
I hear the same shit song after song, man
How many times is you gon' tell us about you ballin, huh?
How many rhymes is you gon' bite like that before you fall off?
That's why we back and we fin' to bomb in this bitch
Ring the alarm, better be gone when we mob up in here
So you really get with the Thugs so shut the fuck up and back up off me
And I don't need no diamonds to shine, nigga I floss me, what

Niggaz talkin loud (uh-huh, uh-huh)
But they ain't really sayin nothin (not a damn thing, damn thing)
Niggaz talkin loud (uh-huh, uh-huh)
But they ain't really sayin nothin (not a damn thing, damn thing)

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