T-pain - Bang Bang lyrics
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T-pain - Bang Bang lyrics

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Ho Hey
It's the impreial Nigga
Ho, Ho, Hey Hey it's the Teddy holdin bass in here nigga
Dats right
In case u didn't know Teddy in dis(Hey)

September 30th a pistol was born
Ready to shake the world like a pin in yo arm
So ring the alarm hes outta da womb
Zoom, he ran out outta room (wher'd he go)
Well, I would assume
He's goin to make da world HARDER,
Play with ya liitte daughter
Pick up the phone, hes known to drop bombs like Pearl Harbor
The world outta praise this baby
From 8 to 80 in two days, hes grazin the gray mercedes,
And Fk u pay-b is his motto,
Told in da semi-otto now otto
Kickin da ass like u seen rigato
And even if u got mo, he gon pop dem fo fo's
And leave a nigga asleep with his eyes open, like he took some no-no's
Now he's on da grind most of the time watchin for Po Po's
Can ya smell me?
It's like ya can't, it's like u ain't got no nose
So if u don't like Pain and u don't like (like yea hes boring)
Don't even listen to the second verse to know the rest of the story

Click Click
Pop Pop
Bang Bang nigga
I'm Teddy Pain and I came to do my thang nigga
First there was rappin now I'm singin nigga
Betta believe that Teddy-Pain will keep it true to the game nigga

Now see I'm gonna try to revise the lives that this nine and this take took
Bike Bill Gates when he loose his check book.
Yo neck look pretty
I'm a blood-suckin vampire don't as y
Just Sut the Fk up and Drive.
Let's go nigga put it in gear
Before sumthin come outta this bullet and end up in you ear
And I make u loose yo mind up in here, up in here
I'm like a party all I need is a couple of blunts, couple of beers
And dis bitch'll get crunk
Niggas'll get stump
Den throw it out I was a kid but I'm grown now
So go now to da nearest pawn shop,
Get u sum 5
And watch how u end up loosin your god-damned life
But I'm a keep it calm, cool, and collected
FK DAT, I'm collected,
Next thing I protected by a big ass necklace
And if u mess with the Pain, anythang that he ownz
You can be pretty sure your brain gonna be the next thing gone

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