Movado - Dem Boy Dem Nah Bad lyrics
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Movado - Dem Boy Dem Nah Bad lyrics

its gonna be slow singing flowers bringing mara fly like pigeon in de evening [mama crying]bal mama bal boy
mama hey mama buy a reed fa ya son cause he fuck around now he gon die by my gun and now ya now you gonna cry when ya come when ya look see body lying on the ground gunshot fly true face tear his skin like curtain see ya mama crying cause you leave her in a burden boy life erase tomorrow aint na certain inform pun me gun and mek ya dead before de iron curtain.
dem say war me step in and tek it over boy face mash up funeral day dem have fi mek it over dis is basicly its like dem mek it pun me shoulder and me bus it like
a square off a informer shoulder dem boy dem na bother bout na bag a cheese police full a scheme thugs dem empty [bald mama bald boy]the bag a cheese i tell man don't stop gunshot fly through the boy gadery ya wanna die fast or die slow my 4 4 mek ya didn't bread a gal say ya kids dint had time to grow ya no we are heartless killas gunshot mash up to ya toe the gun inside thats how we role them say i'm evil david constantine and them carmen is my war no sanity in these constant times gunshot fly through dem dirty mind them this time alrite cubans rise up de dirty nine [ha ha ha ha] ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dead dem dead

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