Lil' Boosie - Dear Mama lyrics
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Lil' Boosie - Dear Mama lyrics

I'm a do this one here for my momma

When I was young me and my mama rolled deep
Watchin daddy lose his mind tot hese muthafuckin streets
Running the rooms, scared to go home, living in dooms
Saying prayers looking at the moon
And you've always been a black queen momma
Cause yeen never been no crackfien momma
Look, and when my daddy fuckin life was over
I watched him cry for two hours on your mommas shoulder
This for them soldiers who was raised by they momma
Cause daddy was gone, she had it down for thangsgivin
Made her kids be strong, expelled from school,
Not scared to go home because my momma's fuckin cool.
But when I started sellin dope she used to search for me,
Ridin cryin, thinkin somebody they gon murder me.
She put me out fo her house, since I was hurtin her heart,
She askin God "Why are you doin this to my babyboy".?
She teachin kids, and she tryna teach a baby games
She cook a meal everynight, but then I think.
She used to send me to my relatives, cause it got to a point,
Where momma couldn't tell me shit. And I was missin my dad so bad
That I ain't listen to my momma, and that was all I had.
Now I bless her everynight, cause I'm grown.
Our love super strong, and she gotta hol on.

She sweet as sweet Sady
Dats my baby...
Momma! Momma!
U remember how daddy used to act,
Act so crazy...
And I thank you for the Blessings you did.

I used to always tell you momma, keep ya head up,
Tears dropping from your eyes, I kno u fed up,
Fresh outta work, to the kitchen tryna fix a plate,
Before work she in the mirror, tryna fix her face,
Noone could ever take my place cause u my one and only,
You my nigga, and forreal you my closest homie,
She used to iron my clothes, everytime I go to school,
Wipping the cold out my eyes, that's my baby boo,
She gotta heart made outta gold, like she God veiner,
She go to church every Sunday, and say "God Thank Ya"
And when my daddy used to hit me, she would holla "stop",
Got to the point, where she would threaten to even call the cops,
She used to be like "why are you hittin him and you smokin rocks"?

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