Lil' Boosie - Cold Blooded lyrics
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Lil' Boosie - Cold Blooded lyrics

niggas mugg me cuz day must be thank im fuckiin day gurl
wanna touch me cuz im paid and movin up n da world
i aint a threat
dem niggas jus hatin and disrespectin ta get a rep
dats why i aint been intimidated by anotha nigga yet
day get upset and hate to see a pimp succeed
i hustle wit ma mouf piece ta get da shit i need
cash flOw, carz, clothez, fine hoez, and weed
but ever time i roam da street i gotta tot sum heat
blowiin da sweet ridin on deep bangin ma shit
i run ma g all by ma loney, fuck a side kick
i kno day got sum pussy ass boys wantin ta off me
just cuz da lord done blessed me wit a million dolla mouf piece
i ignore dem niggaz who earn day striffs disrespectin
i let dem plex and catch dem by themselves wen day least expect it
its ma profession dat go dez niggas wantin ta set me up
wet me up
and leave me dead as fuck just cuz im breaded up

so niggas wanna duck tap us cuz we cold blooded
got too much paper now day hatin but dez hoez love us

money made me
sum shit is gravey but i steady be beefin
hoez luv me niggaz hate me so i guess dat im even
ma hoez done went frum black ta cold
ma rollz done went frum fat ta swoll
i was hurtin like u nigga now i ack fa sho
we gone thug tonight
im takin chances wit dis pistol cuz i love ma life
since 12 mayne it been hell, thug ma mind n da maze
fuhhkiin kay, and i put dat on every blunt i blaze
who can i call on wen its goin all wrong?
cuz ma dawg gone and it hurts wen he call home
mayne dez niggaz got me pissed
fucked up wen day shot n missed
wuhz it cuz im lil boosie or probably ova diz bitch
see ma bitch? ma fit? ma click? all cold blooded
day see dez niggaz hatiin das why all dez hoes love it
but boy i been thuggin so i kno you aint ready
i aint trippin cuz diz bitch im trippin cuz u disrespectiin


now im dat cold blooded killa
from cross da track by dat river
shOot i shit up n yo liver
been like dat since i wuhz little
nigga i dont give a fuck
judge tol me 60 days n i laughed in dat bitch face
gotta stash full of kayz n im ready ta go ta war
gotta black 9 beam fa protectiion at ma car
niggaz wanna see me gone from hea
n spill ma blood
diz one hea
fuh lil donkey hea
and das ma thug
hardhitta wig-splita, wid a click bout dat cappin
day wan do yuh cuz day know you hatin on me cuz im rappin
lil boosie bout dat stackiin
until he get a hundred degreez
got cho bitch up in ma firebird unda tint gettin freeked
diz aint no game
i know you wanna end me
but ma eyez say on da track of rosevelt n micinly
so cum try
i aint scared but you betta have yo head right
and if you wan go to war boy you besta get cho bread right cold-blooded


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