Mc Finchy - Vodka lyrics
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Mc Finchy - Vodka lyrics

you get your vodka, you drink a litre, you drink your stella and become a wife beater, whack, whack, hit you in the back, im'a hit you like a gram of smack, dont do that neither shud you you gotta check 1,2... 1,2,3 and 4 one time posse you know the score, hard and yes upfront, sound of the Dj comin on strong. im the king yea of my castle yes you know that your a dirty racsal, so wait out there your my servant you got the get yourself a turban! right here alex r yea you know you got a lot to learner finchy and you all know curner shout goin out to the tina turner. Elton john better move on get me one, get me one i sed i just fucked up but i dont give a fuck coz im movin on. i just fucked up i better compromise, yea, get on the mic and improvise. no F.B.I's dont need agents dont need spies round about now theres no disguise check it with the sound and realise!

shout! mc corky ,... yo mc corky im not geeky im not dorky, im not a donkey im not a geek im a big boy, rude boy, aint no freak. you think im wierd, you think im mad, well theres a lad i know and hes called brad, he comes from burnley, and hes a mental, but hes an mc and hes got potential, so essential, gotta find the sound, big up and lets not push it down gimme and r- g-a-n, fincy mc gotta keep movin, and jumpin up to the ceilin shout to the corky how u feelin? gotta mix your wheelin dealin, but dont drop and il be stealin, right out you r pocket im'a hit you just like a rocket, cummin up now ur so phycotic, you now that im hypnotic, you hypnotist, yea pick up the mic and lyricist, im a vocalist, with literacy one time ladies do your thing, rainbow around your waist, finch mc runnin in with the bass b-a- double s -a- double t finchy all nigt are you cummin like me? mc finchy up on the ride air and with the double and kickin up the side there its time time for a sound, sound of the dj blow your mind! minds are blown, yes you know, dj ridin up with the golf club, choose selection this one i like!

mixin yea it works gonna make you body beserk! mixin yea just how i like it, your a dj you cant write it, you cant mind sound with the dj alex r! A-L-E-X---R- comin at you gonna take you far! just like advocar, im the bad boy im a superstar, superstar im a rising star yea now this sound is ours! yea up to the stars, far stars, shout to you lot down below!

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