Lil' Boosie - Baby Mama lyrics
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Lil' Boosie - Baby Mama lyrics

You know you want it girl dont act like you dont want it girl I want it just as bad as you do
And look see I can tell from this lil vibe you got me feeling that you diggin me boo im diggin yo too
You wanna be one of the chosen few then gone jig up in this motherfucker maybe me and you can do it big up in this motherfucker
Sit you in the crib where u can chill dont have to move a muscle
Give you some dick good now you be good daddy gone hustle
Come here let me whisper in yo ear I gotta tell ya something
Listening to this song kinda make a nigga want something
Be in some thang dreamin now im fein like im on someting
Girl dont hold it from me cuz right now Ill be then strong armed it
I aint the type that will ruin ya life by runnin game and throwin ya dreams
Get in ya brain teach ya game need cha pain and show ya thangs
Sit cha on some leather seats while blowin green and switchin lanes
Girl stop playin let me beat it out the frame

She 5 foot 7 a hundred and thirty nine pounds
36 24 38 pretty fine brown bad lil broad
I aint seen her in a minute since the all-star games and im still tryin to hit it
Got a baby for this nigga that I used to sell thangs
He caught a fed case and her aint leave her no change
She sold all his jews she sold all his cars
Like she dancing in the shaker club strippin for the stars
Sliding down the pole slow drop it to the split
Pussy poppin on the handstand man she the shit
Still lookin tight though still built right though
Run my game right and after the club she might go
Back to the telly with me shake her jelly with me
Let my people bust on her face and her belly with me
Got Lil Webbie with me and he aint hatin
We some playas in this bitch so baby stop ya hesitating

Now I can tell by yo size that that pussy is fire
So Im here and willin to give you whateva require
For you to lay down on yo back and then open yo theighs
Long sharp deep and wide have ya rolling ya eyes
You a big fine hard to have no choice but to just try it
Look like its worth a couple of g`s but aint some shit that i`ll buy
Let me whisper in yo ear again I aint go lie
I might share a lil mel just dont tell nobody
Look you know you want it girl dont act like you dont want it girl you want it just as bad as i do
But check this out you go be wishing that u been gave me yo numba by the time I finish rumbling with you
Whop whop get loose Lets take this shit to the room
And you just keep yo self excited til we get to the room
Cuz I been rocked up since I met cha Im ready to give ya the blues
Dont stunt now take off ya shoes dont act confused you know what time it is
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