Red Rat - Big Man, Likkle Yute Ft. Goofy lyrics
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Red Rat - Big Man, Likkle Yute Ft. Goofy lyrics

She told me,after she loved me, she'd never love another
And she told me, she want a splendid first temoulcious lover

A mi she want, you nah see how mi cute
A big man she want, she nah want nah little yute
A mi she want, look how mi brown and slim
A muscle man she want, dats why mi start go a gym

Aye Goofy,
Mi definitely know sey a mi she a look
She want di new prince she nah want nah old boops
Dis little red bwoy nah tell lies
She tell mi sey yah really wotless fi ya size
Little bwoy,
She nah waan you cause she nah able
For nobaddi sey she a rob di cradle
Worst of all look how yuh maaga and feeble
And she sey ya only got a little needle
Mi know she woulda love feel di little bwoy energy
Cause from wha day mi notice she penny mi
She sey di guiness and she mash you fi sip it up
Cause she know sey di big bwoys caan keep it up
Bwoy mi nah really know what you a tink
But look fi ya self, if a nah mi she a wink
Look how mi mek she a blush, till she turn pink
Now she want mi fi fill up her pen with mi ink


She nah stop admire, di way mi attire
And mi cologne set her heart on fire
Hear mi out Iyah, mi she desire
Its best if you retire
Aye, she sey mi own profile, bashment hairstyle, child
Mek she get wild
Worst she direct, she look inna mi dreary eye, oh my
All you a gwan, she sey you was a saps
So its best if yah cool little Chaps
Cause she just show yah the ting an yah collapse
Now you ask her fi hold it locka drops
Ah mi eyes mi use man dem, smile mi use grab dem
Dun talk, we aggo see who got dem
Aye, aye, you a, aye
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